Giving a Baby Crib Mattress Bridal Gift That Passed the Guidelines of Safe-Sleep

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Gifting Safe-Sleep Baby Mattress

baby crib mattress2Are you planning to give a practical gift to your newlywed friends? If yes then giving baby crib mattress as a bridal gift is not a bad idea at all. Moreover, its cost can be really affordable. In fact, the cost of a single mattress can start from $40 up to $350. However, that cost range is for non-eco types of brands. If you want an organic mattress, you are expected to spend in between $80 to $400 or more. You will only give a wedding gift to your friend once so you should make sure that you choose the best.

Look for the certification seals

If you want to make sure that the product you are buying is indeed safe, always check if it has certification seal as provided by the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). It is natural for the manufacturers of the mattresses in the market to claim that their products are indeed organic. However, any manufacturer can claim that. Before cashing out, make sure to check the certification standard if it includes flame retardants into its materials. Moreover, you should not buy products that have heavily used metals during the mattress manufacturing.

Follow the AAP’s standard

Whether you will buy organic or non-organic type of mattress, there are no restrictions for as long as you follow the guidelines set by AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics. This pediatric’s body has some guidelines that will help parents choose proper mattresses for their kids. The summation of the guideline is to provider babies with mattresses that are firm enough to support a baby’s back—the surface is bare.

Read reviews of mothers who are frequent buyers of mattresses

If there are people whom you can trust when it comes to mattress judgment then they are the mothers. If you seen a mattress brand that has high rating among mothers then you should also check it. After all, moms wouldn’t lie regarding the things that their babies really need. They always think of their kids’ safety above anything else. So, if you are planning to buy one then look for reviews online. However, do not entirely believe reviews as some of them may be fake. Please verify it with the sellers.

You are not required to give super expensive type of gift to your newlywed friends after wedding. However, when you are planning to give baby crib mattress as a bridal gift, make sure that the item you are going to get it not charged with toxic chemicals. Please remember that it will be used by your friends’ future baby so the material should be safe. Giving eco friendly and organic type of mattress is more preferable.

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