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Giving Out Wedding Cookies in Houston, Texas and Other Ideas to Entertain Kids During Weddings

Tasty Wedding Dessert

Tips to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

As you might expect, there will be plenty of people that will attending your wedding. You and your partner’s family, friends, colleagues, and other dear people to both of you. Among these people are kids that would surely run around and could cause all kinds of chaos. Instead of having a kid-free wedding event, why not give these children something to eat such as wedding cookies in Houston, Texas and provide something that would entertain them and keep them busy.

29Here are some ideas that you could incorporate in your plans to entertain kids during your wedding.

Create finger puppets. For young children, puppets are one of the most entertaining toys that they could get hold of. So prepare some finger puppets at the table to keep them entertained. To make it more fun, consider having a bride and groom puppet that you can purchase to give these little kids something to play on.

Spy games. If you want to keep the children away during the most solemn times of your wedding, consider organising a spy game or scavenger hunt in the nearby yard or room. Fill the area with clues and directions until they get to the final stop. You could even give them prizes afterwards.

Professional entertainers. If you think that you cannot give entertainment to the kids on your own because of the tight schedule, consider hiring professional entertainers to do the job. You can either rent an entertainment set for kids, a fortune teller, a clown, or a face painter to suit your wedding theme.

Wedding favors for kids. Prepare a packet for each child which may include jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, crayons and other goodies that would make them busy and less rowdy during the ceremony and reception.

Craft table. Give all the children attending your party the opportunity to mingle with other kids by setting a craft table in one area of the wedding venue. This could mean having some stuff they can create such as lego houses, toys to learn, some books, or coloring books.  

Food decoration station. Set up a station where kids can decorate wedding cookies in Houston, Texas, cupcakes, and pretzels. Kids love to choose their favorite flavors of these sweet treats and add sprinkles and frosting. This could get messy, but it’s more important that kids enjoy the celebration with other kids as well. This could also help you get away with distractions during the ceremony.

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Enjoy Every Moment of Your Wedding Dances in Houston, Texas With These Practical Tips

Wedding Dance Classes

Suggestions to Enjoy Your Wedding Dances

Of all things that your guests will remember about your wedding day, your wedding dance in Houston, Texas is one of those that will stick in their minds for some time. So if you want to impress your guests and your significant others of this part of your wedding, there are several things that you should remember. Here is a number of tips that you can follow to put emphasis on your wedding dances.

17First of all, know the proper wedding dance etiquette. Traditionally, the bride and the groom share the first dance after the bride, the groom, and the rest of the wedding party is introduced to everyone. The second dance is between the bride and her father followed by the groom’s dance with his mother-in-law. This is then followed by the dances of the bride’s father and mother, the groom and his mother, and the groom’s father and mother. In some places, the groomsmen beginning with the best man, dance one by one with the bride, and the groom dances each of the bridesmaids.

Second, choose the song that speaks to you and your partner’s relationship for your first dance. It could be the song that you listened to during your first date, the song that your groom used to serenade you when he was courting you, or the song that reminds you of a special event in your life that both of you share.

Third, practice dancing to the song before your wedding day. This is especially true of neither of you has little experience in dancing. If you have the luxury of time, practice the dance in the wedding venue the day before the event. If your schedule is tight, consider dancing to the song the night before your wedding inside your room, and make it a sort of an intimate gesture between the two of you.

Fourth, make sure that you’re comfortable with your wedding dress when you dance. No matter how good your are with dancing if your wedding dress makes it difficult for you to move, it look awkward. Discuss this with your wedding dress maker. In addition, wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing. But if you still want to wear high heels, rehearse the dance beforehand.

Finally, enjoy the moment. This is the most important thing that you should remember for your wedding dance in Houston, Texas. It is your day and you deserve to enjoy it and cherish every moment especially the dances.

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