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How to Choose Bridesmaid Bouquet with Wedding Florists Help in Cincinnati, OH?

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Tips in Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Bouquet

wedding florists3Your team of bridesmaids is made up of your best friends and loved ones, each of whom in some way symbolizes an aspect of your passage through life. These ladies are a reflection of you — where you’ve been and the choices you’ve made while getting there. You can also ask the help of your wedding florist in Cincinnati, OH. So when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid bouquets, keep this spirit in mind — their bouquets should reflect your own, either in color or in shape, and come together to create a unified look.

Fashion & Flowers

Perhaps the first thing that a bride starts thinking about, after her own dress, is what her maids are going to wear. And because the bouquets are going to be the bridesmaids’ biggest, most eye-catching accessory, it’s important that both the dress and the flowers work well together — in both style and color. Keep the size of the bouquets in check with the style of the dress. Slinky sheaths work best with smaller, sleeker bouquets, while fuller dresses look great with rounder styles. With tea-length dresses sweeping the wedding front, matching the sophisticated airiness is important — a heavy, cascading bouquet would look out of place with a dress that’s so light.

Working Together

Since you’ll be standing next to your bridesmaids in every single photo, how their bouquets relate to yours is an important visual aspect of the wedding. All the flowers should work well together, forming a cohesive look — but don’t let that hinder your decision. The most popular choice is to create smaller, simpler versions of the bridal bouquet. For instance, if you carry a round bouquet of roses, your maids might carry smaller bouquets of the same roses in the same colors. This is the best way to make a unified statement, but unfortunately it’s also the most boring. So consider taking this theme and running with it: The bridesmaids might carry a scaled-down version of the bridal bouquet, but with different varieties of flowers from those carried by the bride, or with the same varieties but in a different color.

Making It Special

Now that your ideas are in place, it’s time to get personal. Special and thoughtful touches can turn a bridesmaid bouquet from a handful of flowers into something worth holding onto. As many people now know, flowers themselves have numerous meanings. You can choose your blooms based on what you would like to say to your maids — whether a mix of your feelings that day or good wishes for the future. Flowers can also represent day-to-day things that might be meaningful to you and/or your maids. You can allow each bridesmaid to express her own sense of style and carry a cluster of her favorite flowers in the color palette of your wedding. Your wedding florists in Cincinnati, OH can totally help you out with that.┬áThink in advance about your flower budget and let your potential florist know this immediately, take a look over at this website.

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