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Bridal Shops in Atlanta, GA Reveals the Common Wedding Dress Cleaning Mistakes

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Wedding Dress Cleaning Mistakes

wedding dressMany bridal shops in Atlanta, GA sell new designs of designer wedding dresses. From the time the dress is bought, it is the bride’s responsibility on what to do with it after the wedding. The newly wed takes care of the cleaning and storing of the wedding dress after their wedding celebration.

You will find a number of bridal shops that offer wedding dress rental. There is nothing wrong with the service, but many women seem to forget getting the rented dress cleaned. Some wedding dress rental stores require the rented wedding dress Atlanta to be dry cleaned first before it is returned. If it wasn’t dry cleaned, you are billed with the stains and damages found in the dress.

If you are thinking of renting a wedding dress, here are the common wedding dress cleaning mistakes you must avoid.

  1. Ignoring the cleaning instructions for the wedding dress.

Just like the instructions at the back of your tee shirt, the wedding dress rented also comes with a cleaning instruction. Atlanta wedding dresses have delicate materials and fabrics that require special method when it comes to cleaning. If you are renting a lace wedding dress for instance, you must follow the specific methods of cleaning in the label. Through this, you will save yourself from charges and you are preserving it for a long time.

  1. Using detergent with harsh chemicals.

A garment with delicate fabric and materials do not require a detergent with harsh chemicals. As mentioned above, if the label says ‘Do not use bleach’, you should avoid using bleach as this can damage the dress. Bleach can either fade or discolor the wedding dress.

  1. Stain pre-treatment is ignored.

Anything can spill on your bridal gown at any time of the day. Thus, you need to have a wedding dress emergency kit. Also, bridal shops in Atlanta, GA will charge you if the stains are not removed or still noticeable even after washed or dry cleaned. Pre-treatment for the stain is necessary to ensure it won’t spread and damage the lovely wedding gown.

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Emergency Wedding Dress Stain Removal Tips from Dallas, TX Bridal Experts

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Wedding Dress Stain Removal

Wedding DressFood is never absent in a wedding celebration. Whether it is a lunch or dinner reception, you will have soup, salads, meat, cocktails and other beverages. You need to be careful when you are eating, as stains from the food and drinks are not easy to remove. When you accidentally spilled your wedding dress a clear soda, it may not show at first but when you leave the stain for days, it might turn yellow.

The white wedding dresses in Dallas, TX are prone to stains that are impossible to remove if left untreated. You can save your precious wedding gown from future damage by being prepared. Many wedding planners prepare a bridal survival kit in case the dress loses its button or the strap fell off.

In preparing your wedding emergency kit, you need to be familiar with the fabric of your wedding dress. There are many ways to remove the wine stain but not all of it is effective, considering the fabric of the dress.

When you are prepared with your bridal dress stain removal kit, it won’t be that much helpful unless you determine the stain on your dress. Not all stains are the same, so you understand first the type of stain, the fabric of the dress and that’s how you will be able to determine the method to use in removing the stain.

You will not notice the chocolate stain or fruit juice stain on your dress that was caused by the kids running around at the reception. These stains are water-soluble and can be easily and best removed by blotting the stain. Using a wet cotton ball, gently dab it onto the stain. Avoid rubbing the cotton into the stain because you won’t like the result.

Any bride won’t like to celebrate their wedding wearing a dress with chewing gum. It is probably the worst that could stick into your gown. For brides out there who got a gum stick in their rented wedding dresses at bridal shops in Dallas, simply apply an ice cube. You can scrape off the gum after it gets cold and harden.


Visit These Bridal Shops in Houston, TX to Rent Designer Wedding Dresses

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Designer Wedding Dress for Rent

Many brides dream of wearing a wedding dress designed by their favorite designer. The problem is, not all women can afford designer wedding dresses. There are many Houston bridal salons with a wide collection of wedding dresses from famous designers, check Winnie Couture wedding salon. Fortunately, these shops don’t just sell designer wedding dresses but also offer them for rent.

You will be able to wear your dream wedding dress at a price you can afford. Just book your appointment with the store at least six months prior to the wedding date. Here are three of the bridal stores you can check out.

Bridal DressGet the Gown

Your entire wedding party will be ready for the big day with the dresses from this store. Rent not just a designer wedding dress, but also your reception dress and wedding accessories. The store guarantees that you will get to wear your dream designer wedding dress without paying the original price and burdens of ownership. The store has a wide range of collections for authentic designer wedding dress Houston. They have dresses designed by Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and more.

Esila Bridal Gown Rental

This is an appointment-only boutique bridal shop. Make sure to call and book first before visiting the store so you will be accommodated with your needs accordingly. They have wedding dresses and wedding accessories for purchase and rent. The bridal store is an exclusive carrier of Gowns by Pamela wedding dresses. Many women love their rental packages, as it is complete with unique accessories. Thus, you can create and complete your signature wedding look.

Megs Dress Rental

Another store that offers wedding dress Houston rental for brides on a budget, you should visit them. They house over 100 wedding dresses that you can rent or purchase from $125 to $300. For accessories like veils, tiaras, petticoats and flower arrangements, they can also help you.

When visiting bridal shops in Houston, TX whether to buy or rent for wedding dresses, it is best that you call to book an appointment. You can also check wedding blogs for reviews. Even if you are not sure which store and what dress to buy yet, the bridal consultant can help you better if you make an appointment.

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Tips in Picking a Stylish Bridal Veil

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How to Pick a Wedding Veil

As per advice of most stylists, modern brides are no longer required to wear a veil. But contrary to this, the trend of wearing a wedding veil is still being continued by 90% of brides. Their reason for doing so is without it they don’t feel like they are a bride. In choosing a veil, the trick is simple—you only need to know the type that will complement the dress.

According to bridal stylists, here are some of the tips when picking a veil to be used on the big day:

weddingFor brides who are wearing dresses with heavy embellishments like beads and etc, the best thing to do is wear a classic cathedral veil. Cathedral veils are usually adorned with Swarovski crystals all over it; this veil will make you sparkle as you walk down the aisle The second option if you have an embellished dress is to wear a veil with minimal beadwork.

If the bride is wearing a simple dress, choosing a veil with angel cut design will add drama. Other choices that will complement a simple dress are organza and horsehair veil. These veils are perfect for the bride because they create frame. The dramatic feel is amped by cascading and spiral fabric patterns. A hint of veil’s light lace will also add the feeling of elegance into the dress.

If the bride is wearing dress with a statement back, it is important to wear a customized cathedral cut veil. In order not to divert attention of the sheer lace back, the body of the veil should not contain any accent like crystals or beadwork.

Wearing a long train dress means you can wear almost all types of veils given that the back of the dress does not have too much detail. One of the recommended veils when a dress is in long train style is the cathedral veil. This type of veils complements to the dress’ ethereal and dramatic look. Wearing this veil means you need to make sure it must extend up to the train or else it will look awkward.

For brides who are wearing modern dresses, it is a must to match it with a contemporary veil as well. Modern veils are characterized with style focusing on square cut, layered, short and act as a blusher.  This veil will work best if you are wearing informal and tea length wedding dress.

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Quick Tips to Wedding Dresses Shopping in Mesa, AZ

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Quick Guide to Shop Dresses

When you are trying on different wedding dresses in Mesa, AZ, please make sure that you have booked in advance. As a smart bride, you should always know that weekends, especially Saturdays, are usually the most booked days of the week. If the shop is collecting service fee for brides for brides who are trying on dresses, the best tip is to check in ahead of time, read more.

Wedding DressWhen visiting the shop, always organize a support group—not really a group but a few number of people whom you can trust. This clearly means that you should not bring your whole entourage, but just your mum or your friend. Although you may hear second opinions regarding the dress, trusting your instinct is really important as well.

If you are already a mother of three kids or less, please make sure that you don’t bring them along. Your bridal shop is not a place to babysit children. You are there to focus on your dress alone, not watching out for your children while they run around the shop.

Heading to the bridal boutique simply means you should also prepare for the underwear. Appropriate underwear will help you find the dress that will flatter your body. The last thing you need to worry about is some of the staffs seeing you naked in the fitting room; it is embarrassing. If you will be wearing strapless dress, better wear a strapless bra.

Do not show up in the fitting of wedding dresses in Mesa, AZ without wearing light makeup. Yes, light makeup, not too much. In this way, you can be able to determine which shade of makeup will go well with the dress. Your dress fitting will be more successful if you will bring the rest of the accessories you are going to wear on your wedding day, like veil, earrings, bracelets and many more.

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