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Lessons Every Couple Should Learn on the First 12 Months of Marriage

Wedding Tips

Tips to Enjoy the First 12 Months of Marriage

Many believe that the first 12 months of marriage are the most crucial times of the newly-wed’s married life. For obvious reasons, they have just started building their own home and start their family. Hence, it could be really challenging for the couple to keep everything in balance.

Wedding AdviceSo for husbands and wives who are looking for sure ways to have a good start, here are several important tips that you may want to consider.

First, it’s very essential that you share family time especially during holidays. Make an effort to see both of your families at Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any special events. These times are perfect avenues for you know more about each other’s families and sources of inspiration on how to build your own home as well.

Second, when doing some cleaning, make sure to ask first before throwing stuffs out. This is especially true if you’re packing up to move 2,000 miles away. But be sure to ask your partner if a thing holds a special meaning to them before tossing them to the things that will either be left behind or given to charity.

Third, you don’t always need to talk. Whether you’re in the car, at a party, or a gathering, you don’t need to be in constant conversation with your partner. This may sound unconventional but take note that each of your may sometimes need space and time to think things over. Or sometimes, you may just need to listen to your favorite audiobook while driving and glimpse at each other romantically.

Lastly, your guests for each other don’t need to cost much. What’s important is that both of your remember each other’s value and celebrating it. Sometimes, the most beautiful and unforgettable gifts are the ones that are handmade and not the ones anybody can buy at a shopping center. Find good tips and advices through wedding blogs about marriage.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping at Bridal Shops Charlotte, NC For Wedding Shoes

Fabulous Wedding Dress

Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Wedding Shoes

Wedding dresses bridal shopsThere are many must-haves on your wedding list and your wedding shoes are on top of the list when it comes to importance. This is because your wedding shoes can make or break your day. Thus, it’s important that when you shop for your wedding shoes at wedding stores in Charlotte, you pick the right pair of shoes.

In order that you pick the perfect pair of footwear for the big day from the bridal shops in Charlotte North Carolina, know these mistakes that many brides make when shopping for their wedding shoes and learn from them.

Mistake #1: Forgetting to break in the shoes days before the wedding. For sure you don’t want to wobble down the aisle on the day of your wedding. Hence after you  buy the right pair of shoes, break them in by wearing it for a day under your desk at work.

Mistake #2: Wearing shoes that are not really for you. The classic pair of wedding shoes are the white or silver ones which is commonly advised by many wedding blogs. But you don’t have to stick to tradition if you think that you’re not comfortable wearing them. If you don’t like wearing heels, don’t wear them. Your comfort and confidence in wearing those pair of shoes are the most important thing that you should consider.

Mistake #3: Not shopping around. One of the most common mistakes that many brides make when shopping for their wedding shoes is not checking several wedding dress shops in Charlotte before purchasing one. Be on the lookout for coupon codes and discounts given by bridal shops, check here Winnie Couture.

Mistake #4: Forgetting a spare pair of shoes. Things happen that are sometimes out of our control: heel breaks, your feet start to blister, or your shoes is too high for dancing. In any case, make sure to have a spare pair of shoes. It doesn’t have to be new though. Keep a pair of footwear that complements well with your wedding dress so that the people around you won’t even noticed that you have changed your shoes.

Winnie Couture
2909 Selwyn Ave, Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 496-9603

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Shop for Bridal Gold Jewelry in Los Angeles, CA Online For Great Discounts

Amazing Bridal Jewelries

Get Bridal Jewelry Discounts from Online Stores

If you are looking for bridal gold jewelry in Los Angeles, CA, you do not have to search far and wide just to get high quality jewelries that are worth your money. You can even purchase bridal jewelry in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for you to spend much time and effort just to visit one jewelry store to another since you can now access online sites. You will definitely find the perfect jewelry that will suit your preferences.

bridal gold jewelryHere are some guides to help you find the perfect bridal gold jewelry in Los Angeles, CA:

There are many jewelry stores online that you can find online but make sure that you look for the one that can cater to all of your needs. Before purchasing, you need to check out the background of the online store to prove that they are indeed legal. The last thing that you want is to get scammed by fake online stores.

See to it that you read the terms and condition of the online site so that you will have an idea on how they do their business. This is very important most especially if you are making your order. Also, they should provide you with a valid certificates and warranties just like your local jewelry store.

Before making an order, read about the exchange, return and privacy policy. Even if you purchase a single ring or a pair of earring, they should have a flexible exchange or return policy so that you can easily return the jewelry is it has any problems.

Find out if the online store provides a twenty four seven customer service. This is important so that ask them questions and receive answers regardless the time or the day. A reputable online jewelry store can help you anytime of the day. You can find this stores through wedding blogs with reviews.

Here are some of the things that you need to remember when shopping for bridal gold jewelry in Los Angeles, CA. Take note of these things when you go shopping for bridal jewelries.

Los Angeles Diamond Buyer & Seller
550 S Hill St #564 Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 689-9650

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The Tips when Shopping in Los Angeles, CA for Loose Diamonds for Wedding Revealed

Amazing Bridal Jewelries

Loose Diamonds Shopping Tips Divulge

Diamonds are expensive, even if it was graded the lowest by the GIA, it still is expensive. There are diamonds that you can purchase for a few hundred dollars, but you should expect the yellow or gray tinted ones already. If you are looking for loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA, it is advised you look for the highest quality diamond Los Angeles.

You will know it has the best quality because it is the clearest, brightest and also the most expensive by sell diamond ring Los Angeles. To ensure you get the best quality of diamonds at their best deals, observed these tips revealed by the experts.

  1. Do your research and that includes familiarizing the 4Cs from the largest wedding blog. The four Cs or the carat, clarity, color and cut of the diamond are crucial elements when picking a loose diamond. When you know how to describe and compare the diamonds according to color, clarity and carat, you most probably be able to pick the best quality of diamond.
  2. Find a reputable jeweler or jewelry diamond store Los Angeles. While there is a popular jewelry store nearby, it is best that the store is famous because they are trusted. The gemologist or jeweler must have great credentials, certified, or even a graduate of GIA.
  3. Kindly ask for the grading report of the diamond. This report shows in detail the gemological quality of the diamond, and not just the accurate carat, weight, cut, color but also states whether the stone is natural, synthetic, treated and more.
  4. Don’t forget the diamond’s security. Add your loose diamond to your current insurance policy to keep it secured, in case of loss or theft. If insurance is just another expense, you can add a laser-inscribed message or report number to the outer edge of the diamond to help you identify that it is your loose diamond, read reviews of diamond buyers Los Angeles.
  5. Buy a stone now and make a ring later. The best advantage of shopping first for loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA is to make an engagement or wedding rings custom-made.

Los Angeles Diamond Buyer & Seller
550 S Hill St #564 Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 689-9650

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Online Engagement Ring Shopping – Getting Great Deals in Los Angeles, CA

Amazing Bridal Jewelries

Engagement Rings Online

Are you thinking about buying an engagement ring online for your partner? It is true that you will save huge amount of money when you buy an engagement ring online. You just need, however, to find a trusted online jeweler to ensure you can get great deals.

engagement rings Los Angeles1While there are plenty of local jewelry stores with engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA, there are still many people who opt to shop and buy online. Of course the convenience of browsing online at the comfort of their homes is one of the great advantages.

You may be skeptical at first about buying an Los Angeles wedding rings. Many think that they will more likely receive a fake diamond ring or get scammed by the jeweler. Others prefer to shop in a physical store because they want to see first before buying, especially for an item that means a great so much.

Research is tops the important things you need to do, most especially understanding the four C’s of diamonds (when you plan to buy diamond engagement ring). However, getting great deals for the ring does not start and ends there. See more information about diamonds through wedding blogs.

It is necessary that the online jewelry store you are visiting is reputable. Determining whether the store is reputable or not can be tricky, but it would be easier if you do some research about the site’s information and services.

Being doubtful has a great advantage too, especially when they are offering a heart and arrow diamond at the cheapest price. Such cut doesn’t come cheap. Weigh the condition if you are going to have a real diamond or be another victim of scam.

Once you have finally set your heart (mind, and budget) in one of their rings, it is best to check out their refund policy. Remember that you will not be able to get hold of the ring until it arrives. Just like how every jewelry stores with engagement rings in Los Angeles, CA do it, the online store must have good refund and exchange policies too.

Gem Dynasty
550 S Hill St Suite 564 Los Angeles, CA 90013
(888) 566-4851

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Main Reasons to Have Honeymoon at Hotels in Juneau, Alaska for a Star-like Treatment

Best Bridal Venue and Reception

Be an A-Lister Couple on Your Honeymoon!

Want to have the most romantic wedding getaway that will not be so heavy on your budget? Well, why not consider what many have now been doing for their honeymoon? Many couples now go for honeymoon at Juneau Alaska lodging. To know what’s in store for you and your partner in the city of the stars, here are the the reasons why you should spend your first night in a lovely honeymoon hotel as many wedding blogs suggest.

honeymoon at cottages in Hollywood California1Have all your required accommodation covered. Since you are going to rent the whole hotel, you get to have your own living space during your stay. By having your own living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms, it feels like you are not away from home even if you totally are.

Privacy since the place is all yours. When you have the whole place, this will mean that you have it exclusively. You get the privacy you need without worrying to share anything to other stay-ins. You get to have a very relaxing time in a  cozy location as well. Many hotels in Juneau, Alaska are built in a place surrounded by breathtaking sites and nature that must be included on your wedding album as well.

Personalised services throughout your stay. There will also be a staff that will make sure that everything you need is prepared and according to your preference. Honeymoon at hotels in Juneau, Alaska are known through its personalised services. Feel like you are an A-lister too with accommodation that will treat you like a star!

Minutes away from town amenities. What’s best is that many hotels are very accessible and near amenities. It won’t be a problem if you wish to have a dinner in a good restaurant or to have a tour around the city. Everything is within you reach when you see that in your hotels there is television, wireless internet connection, swimming pools, and other facilities you wish to enjoy extended stay Juneau AK.

Frontier Suites Airport Hotel
9400 Glacier Hwy,
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 790-6600

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