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Best Moments that Photographers in Houston, TX Must Not Miss in an Indian Wedding

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Indian Wedding Photography

One wedding in the world that lasts for days and consists of different rituals and ceremonies is observed by Indians or Hindus. There are certain customs and traditions being observed by both the bride and groom-to-be and of their family and friends before the actual wedding day comes.

Indian PhotographyWestern weddings or English weddings usually hire photographers during their engagement photo shoot and at the day of their wedding. However, in Indian weddings, the services of Indian wedding photographers in Houston, TX are called for a week or three days before the big day.

Depending on the customs and traditions being observed by the couple and of their family, or what region in India they were from, the rituals and ceremonies could start five days or three days before the wedding day. Thus, the memories being spent by the couple with their family and friends during these pre-wedding rituals and ceremonies must be captured in pictures.

When Houston Indian wedding photographer join the bride and the groom-to-be during the pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals, he or she will be able to get close or comfortable with them. It is a great idea to make them more at ease in front of the camera, as in some Indian weddings, the couple don’t see each other until their wedding day.

It is important to capture the moment when the bride and groom meet on stage before they exchange their vows. This is the perfect time to take romantic shots of the couple looking at each other, smiling and holding hands together. At the same time, this is also the moment when they exchange garlands, a representation that they accept each other as his or her partner.

Indian wedding photographers in Houston, TX should not forget about taking pictures during the ceremony called Vidaii. It is considered the emotional moment in an Indian wedding where the bride says goodbye or departs from her family. To find suitable photographer you may check other wedding blog.

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Different Qualities of a Good Wedding Catering in Tucson, AZ

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How to Determine Qualities of Good Catering?

From the wedding proposal to the wedding reception, everything should be planned thoroughly. Reception may be the last part of the wedding program but never the least to be consider. Wedding catering in Tucson, AZ offers variety of services that future married couples should be happy to explore and consider. Since wedding catering in Tucson, AZ had been in-demand, many considers trying this line of business. Successful wedding caterers consider these list of things to ensure a great service that their clients will surely love, additional info.


Good food.

Catering is all about food. After the most anticipated exchange of I dos by the bride and groom, guests will likely next to anticipate the food that they will share with the newlywed. Great tasting food is always the key for clients to come back to you for another catering service. make sure that what you serve during the food tasting is as good as the foods that you will serve during the actual reception.

Sanitation and safety.

Catering services should see to it that every ingredient used are fresh and every equipment used are clean, new and disinfected. Aside from the taste of the food, food safety is a crucial element in preparing dishes. You wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation because of food poisoning and food mishandling.


Being flexible to what the clients want is also a major thing. As the old cliche states, the customer is always right. Be flexible and creative enough to adapt to changes that may occur during the planning of food preparation.

Customer service.

Open communication with the customers will likely yield a smooth flowing operation since both parties understand each other. Offer all the services you can provide and let them decide what services they need. Always wear a good smile when entertaining clients for it is a key to a good start. Try to visit American wedding blogs to find reputable caterers.

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Cocktail Style of Wedding Catering in New Orleans LA

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How to Choose Your Food in Cocktail Hour?

cateringWhether you decide to forgo a sit down dinner altogether and just provide cocktail food, or you just need to come up with a few nibbles for your cocktail hour, wedding cocktail food can be great fun and a real talking point for your guests. So, choose the right wedding catering in New Orleans LA to pull off an amazing wedding food on your reception are. Food is very important in a wedding celebration because it is what your guests are looking up to. Just make sure that you can impress your guests by having tasty food served on their plates. These tips will make your canapes and cocktail food of your wedding catering in New Orleans LA stand out from the crowd.

Keep it simple

As they always say, simplicity is beauty. So keeping your cocktail simple is much, much better. When you start looking at cocktail food menus you will find a variety of foods you may never eat in any other situation. Sea food tends to feature highly along with exotic sauces or spices. Don’t forget your cocktail food can be simple items that you know all your guests will enjoy.

Avoid messy foods

In order to make your wedding event enjoyable, you can start by avoiding messy food. Your guests will undoubtedly have spent some time and money getting dressed for your wedding, so you don’t want them to be covered in spaghetti sauce half way through the cocktail hour. Find foods that are easy to pick up and eat with the fingers to save crumbs and mess. Such idea is being suggested by many wedding blogs.

Cater for all tastes

Providing a wide range of dishes is a good way to make sure everyone can find something they like. Make sure you have a vegetarian option, and if possible a dairy free and gluten free option. This is a really great idea to have in your wedding day. Find a caterer who could provide you with your need through official site.

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Saving Tips for Your Wedding Catering in Mesa, AZ

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Smart Catering Options

Do you want to enjoy your wedding reception? Do you want to give your family a treat on your special day? It’s great to celebrate moments with the people you love as you share tasty dishes on the table. Weddings are costly so we have to prioritize the things that we need to spend money. We should learn some saving tips for wedding with the catering service in Mesa, AZ, read more

wedding cateringDo your homework. Take a research so that you will have bit knowledge about managing your reception. It will give you more information and ideas and it would be helpful if you are saving up. You can learn something from websites and also from bridal magazines.

Create a Dessert Station. Instead of serving your guest with the slice of your wedding cake which will cost you per slice, try creating a dessert station. This now the trend in all occasion and it is loved by guest. Reserve an area for your dessert station where you can serve jellies, gummies, candies, chocolates, marshmallows, fruits and chocolate fountain. It is also called DIY or do it yourself. These are commonly suggested by many wedding blogs.

Limit Alcoholic Beverages. Beverages could cost you a large amount of money in the reception.  You can also try to serve ice teas or fruit punch so that your guest can have a different taste. You can serve beers and wines but it is advised to serve during the first two hours of the reception.  In addition, you can serve one or two signature wine to give them a treat for the celebration.

Nowadays, it would be wise to learn ways in order to save money. There is more things to face after the wedding celebration, the saving tips for wedding with the catering in Mesa, AZ will be useful.

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