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Top Wedding Photography Secret Spots in Los Angeles for Your Big Day

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LA Amazing Photography Spots

With over ten million people living in this area, you can tell that Los Angeles is a huge city. On top of that, this city also has multitude of photography spots for brides and grooms. Photographers love to shoot in different places especially the wedding photography secret spots in Los Angeles that are rarely used. These secret places have rare beauties when captured in photography–it gives a different style to the shoot.

wedding photographyWe have a rundown of these places so that you no longer need to research when it is already your time to have a photo shoot here in LA.

Griffiths Park Observatory

This place is a secret playground of most wedding photographers since only few people know this. This observatory has a rich view of the valley below which could be a good background in a panoramic wedding shoot. At night time, the observatory will also provide the colorful skyline of Los Angeles.

Venice Beach

This place is wide so you will have multitude of options. You can start at Ëœthe strand where you will be provided with the rich sight of street performers. You can capture the commotion in your wedding photography. You can also feature the murals at Abbot Kinney. The vibe it gives is always fun and interesting. To feature sunset, you can move to the beach side.

Downtown LA

Although parking is not easy to find, this place is perfect if you wanted to feature attractive architectural designs like fountains and buildings. You can go driving in this area while looking for a good spot. Your Los Angeles photographers will always know where to shoot especially in the downtown area.

Santa Monica

Once you have a permit to shoot in this area, you can fully enjoy the setting. You can feature carnival shots of this location. Start at the 3rd Street Promenade since it is the most aesthetically attractive spot.

These wedding photography secret spots in Los Angeles are a must try locations for your dream shoot by many photographers from If you are about to go to an area which requires permit, you should process it ahead of time so there will be no hassle.

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The Importance of Bride Wedding Cakes in Houston, TX

Tasty Wedding Dessert

Delicious Bridal Cakes in Houston, TX

wedding cakeWedding cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding reception. Most would feel that a wedding is not a wedding without the wedding cake. In every properly organized wedding ceremony, there is bound to be the special section for cutting of the cakes. As we all know, there is significance to each section you will come across in any wedding ceremony. Most brides mostly spend a lot of time just to prepare and find the right cake for their wedding day. The bride wedding cakes in Houston TX symbolizes a commitment to the sweet life that the couples are going to be sharing together, click to find out more.

It is important that the wedding cake tastes absolutely right. It is not just a dessert but also plays an integral part in the decorations. Therefore, it is vital that it is placed in a location where it is visible to all. There are a number of traditions surrounding the bride wedding cakes in Houston TX.  One is that the bride puts aside a slice of cake to ensure that her husband remains faithful for the rest of their lives. White has become a special color of wedding cakes for very obvious reasons as white signify purity.

Every detail in wedding planning is important because every couple wants the perfect wedding day. Other aspects of the wedding are more visible than others like the venue, the wardrobe, the decor or anything that drives the overall theme of your special say. The little touches are very important in a wedding cake.  Couples today spend significant time deciding on the look and flavor of their dream wedding, visiting some bakeries and arranging tastings to get some ideas and combination for their wedding day just like the cakes from

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Hire the Right and Best Limo Service in Miami, FL

Bridal Car Services

Hiring the Best Limo Service for Wedding

You already planned your wedding day and everything is set except for the wedding transportation. It is important that you choose the right and best limo service in Miami, FL in order to have a comfortable ride during your wedding day. However, there are few things that you need to consider before hiring any company.

Limo ServiceYou can’t just ride an ordinary limo if you are looking good with your wedding dress; therefore you need to have an amazing and attractive transportation service. This will make you feel like a millionaire. Aside from this, it will also make your wedding day stylish and luxurious.

If you haven’t done any limo reservation you can ask help from your family or friends. This will make the task easier. They may know something that is good for recommendation. You may join wedding online forum to gather information about best limo service in Miami, FL. Most of the members in this online forum have a lot of knowledge regarding wedding stuffs.

It is important that after you collected information, you should check the companies by yourself. In this case you will have your experience whether or not the company is worth every dollar you spend. It is also crucial that before going to the office of the rental company you should take into consideration your budget. This will tell you what kind of limos Miami service is suitable for you.

There are some companies who offer per hour rate and some offer packages that may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the company and service. Recognizing how much you are willing to spend will also help you to determine if you need extra services such as insurance.

Lastly, always check the model and the year were the car was being purchased. This will tell you if the limo is still in good condition or not.

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