Month: June 2014

Have a Vintage Wedding with Old Wedding venues in Atlanta GA

Best Bridal Venue and Reception

Why go vintage on your Wedding

Many brides nowadays want to have a unique and stylish wedding. Most of them spend thousands of dollars to achieve their dream wedding. Over the years, a wedding has become a silent war for many women for they tend to compete with each other and show their extravagant wedding. Most of these brides neglect the idea of being simple, stylish yet affordable wedding in Atlanta wedding venue.

Wedding Venue Vintage wedding with old wedding venues in Atlanta, GA is one of the most popular wedding styles today. Vintage wedding is less expensive than modern themed wedding, but they are so stylish like those weddings that you will see in some editorial and fashion magazines. In the world of fashion, vintage is a huge deal. They create a picture perfect!

Here are some important things that you need to remember when choosing vintage theme for old wedding venues in Atlanta, GA.

  •  Don’t be too picky with the decoration for the old wedding venues in Atlanta, GA. The more rustic and old the decorations, the more perfect they are to give vintage looks to the wedding venue. They are less expensive because these antiques and old stuffs can be found in the garage. You can even borrow them in your neighbors.
  • Choosing wedding dress is not an issue because you can purchase second hand dress from thrift shops. Vintage should not look like modern and new: it should be old and faded. You can make some alteration to this wedding dress by adding laces and embroidery. You can wear old jewelries, or a set of pearl will do.
  • Always pick a vintage car to complete the wedding theme. This will give you full vintage effect for your wedding. There are a lot of rental cars in Atlanta that offer vintage transportation. Always choose white or black.
  • Choose a photographer who is expert in creating vintage effects in photographs. This will give you exciting vintage photos that can be used for your wedding album.

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How to Choose a 5-Star and Reliable Limo Service in Los Angeles CA

Bridal Car Services

5 Tips in Choosing Excellent Limos

wedding limoIs it your first time to get a transportation service here in LA? Reliable limo service in Los Angeles CA is just easy to find only if you will follow this list that we require you to do. Most first timers are really having a hard time because it seems they are finding a needle in the middle of haystack. We have some recommended ways on how to make the job easier for you.

1. Reviews and references
If you want a quality provider, make sure to consult review sites. These sites are non-biased so you can make sure that the reviews are made by real customers and real people.

2. Background
If you have chosen a provider, make sure to check how long it has been around for business. The longer experience it has in this kind of business, the more refined the service becomes. In short, it knows what to provide its customers.

3. Fleet
Make sure that the provider has a fleet. It means that the company own small vehicles up to the biggest ones–SUVs to party bus limos. Fleet is very important since it will give you variety of options when it comes to types of cars and models that you are going to utilize, for example town car rental Los Angeles.

4. Safe
This is the most important part. Make sure that the vehicles are modern and comfortable. Well seasoned providers only hire the best and professional chauffeurs so make sure you only sign up for the trusted ones. A good driver simply means he or she has been following the federal requirements for safe driving.

With this list, you can be able to find your reliable limo service in Los Angeles CA in a short period of time that you can use on your wedding day. In that way, you will have plenty of time to do or prepare for some other things.

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